my shin is swollen and in pain


when ur listening to skramz


Caust- Bastille House


For Myself // Caust

Has it come to this? Can you hear the frail cut through the air? We’re calling for a moment of clarity. Alter the chemicals and let us speak. We’re not perfect, but we wish we were. We can’t always function, but we wish we could. Just let me speak. For myself.


this is off our upcoming split 7” with [this is not for you.] from ocean city, md! we should have the records by early summer and up for download/pre-order way before then! huge thanks to it’s a trap! records, middle-man records and moshtache records for working hard on this. artwork by iron arrow illustration.

Real Screamo Compilation Vol. 2



Mirrors || Part 1, Part 2

Track list:

  1. (ache/emelie) || An Apparition Towards Compassionate Living
  2. Barrow || Stretching Arms, Shaking Hands
  3. Battleships || Hearts Grow Cold In December (Handguns)
  4. Body of Wasps || I Find A Bridge Near…

skater code


when adults ask how you get the board to stick to your feet when you jump you cant tell them or youre out of our skate board club

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