tbh I’m so lucky to have such a perfect girlfriend like wow I’m so lucky!!!!

jailor a lil over 11 months now :~)

Anonymous: Tell us something about your gf?

she’s perfect as hell and in every single way possible and I love her a lot


Ok but I want to have sex


Lucie, Too | Now, Now

"The math doesn’t add up or match with the language of 
Books that I’ve read or things that you said.
I’ll leave this with the darker night, I carried you inside
And know that it will find me in time.”

when I first read the kite runner I listened to the of Montreal discog and it made the book so much more interesting like that’s why I like the book so much


company gm: so what are your skills or talents 



company gm: wooooo shit gotdamn boi 

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u make me feel good