souljaboytellem please follow me

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first of all, fireflies by owl city is a banger

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Anonymous: what's ur snapchat


I got a total of 3 snapchats today smh

Anonymous: Does it have those holes from where the testicles were but empty in the ballsack? I need to know now.

???what are you talking about???

Anonymous: are you really getting married cause I wanna go

yeah mutuals are invited

Anonymous: sorry boo but that wasn't an option get in the trunk

yr crazy pal!!!


It Only Took A Whisper - Secret Lives Of The Freemasons

Run through the woods to the house on the hill
the one we’ll make warm as soon as we get in
or should i say as soon as i get in.
so can i ravage you right where you stand
your heart on your sleeve and my love in your hand
and this is going exactly as i planned

Anonymous: do u wanna date or yaaah?

I have a fiancé buddy